Past Series

Ever read just the ‘red’ letters in your Bible? The words of Jesus stick out as much now as they did when he first spoke them. His words have the power to comfort and challenge us, they both welcome and confront, clarify and even sometimes confuse. Join us as we meet this ‘red letter’ Jesus where we look at his own words and what they mean in a world like today.

October 21, 2018
Red Letter Jesus: Prayer
October 28, 2018
Red Letter Jesus: Wealth
November 4, 2018
Red Letter Jesus: Love
November 11, 2018
Red Letter Jesus: Freedom
November 18, 2018
Red Letter Jesus: Follow Me
November 25, 2018
Red Letter Jesus: Healing

September 9, 2018
Playing for Keeps – Time Over Time

September 16, 2018
Playing for Keeps – Love Over Time
September 23, 2018
Playing for Keeps – Tribes Over Time
September 30, 2018
Playing for Keeps – Words Over Time
October 7, 2018
Playing for Keeps – Stories Over Time
October 14, 2018
Playing for Keeps – Fun Over Time

All of our Past Series Sermons can be found on our Podcast

In January, 2018 we began IMMERSE: Beginnings – a communal Bible reading experience.

We read through the first five books of the Bible utilizing a unique formatting that makes reading the Bible more like a book and less like a reference work. You could read on your own or join a discussion group. (Think book club vs. Bible study.)

Each week participants would discuss their reading with questions like 1) What stood out? 2) Was there anything confusing or troubling? 3) Did anything make you think differently about God? 4) How might this change the way we live?