Youth Ministry

Students in 6th through 8th grade at Cascade Covenant Church are given the opportunity to participate in a Confirmation and Discipleship Course taking place on Sunday Mornings during the service.  Students can plug into this course at any point during middle school.

This is an opportunity for students to dive deeper into God’s Word and connect with other students and adults in the Body of Christ.  We use a curriculum from the Covenant Denomination that walks through the Old & New Testaments.  Our teaching team is diversely gifted in communicating and interacting specifically with middle school students.

Our purpose is for our students to continue or begin the process of internalizing the Word of God so that they may grow in becoming fully alive followers of Jesus Christ.

In 8th grade, students are given the option to confirm their faith on a new level through our confirmation process.  This is an opportunity for students to put a stake in the ground as they grow in surety—to confirm their faith.  It includes participation in our God Story focus, Confirmation sharing, service project, attendance expectations and participation in the mentor program.

Confirmation Agreement (pdf)

Confirmation Mentor Guide (pdf)