Children's Ministry

Welcome to Cascade Kids!
A place where kids know they are welcome and parents know their kids are safe.

A place with well-equipped and loving Cascade Kids Leaders who care for kids and share the light of Jesus. We are committed to creating safe and nurturing environments for kids of all ages and all abilities to know who God is and how much He loves them,  to serve God by loving others.

Family Check-in
• Kids ages 6 months to 5th grade: use check-in stations located in the Lobby.
• Parents/guardians drop nursery and preschool aged kids off at the beginning of service in designated classrooms.
• Elementary aged kids start off in the Worship Center and then are invited down to their designated classrooms.

Child Pick-Up:
• Kids ages 6 months old – 5th grade are picked up immediately after service.
• Bring your pick-up ticket to your child’s classroom or small group room.

Family Friendly Sundays
Be on the lookout for these special Sundays where we invite elementary aged children to remain in the worship center for the entire service. The goal is for children to participate and know this isn’t a space just for grown ups. These Sundays will be posted in advance. Cascade Kids is on Facebook. Check out what we’re up to this week!

If you have specific questions about this ministry, contact our Children’s Pastor Angela McCann

Preschool – A brief video about what we do.
Elementary – A brief video about what we do