About Us

Leadership Team
We have a team of people that serve together to give overall leadership and direction for our church. This team is typically made up of 8-10 people who meet regularly. LT members are elected by our congregation and they serve up to 4 years in a row before moving out of this role. We believe in the value of different people serving on this team over time so we have some time limits regarding how many consecutive years a person can be part of the leadership team. The CCC Lead Pastor is always an “ex-officio” member of this team.

The role of the Leadership Team is to…
• Promote the Vision
• Protect the Unity
• Provide the Support

This team does not try to “micro-manage” other staff or leaders. They look after the bigger picture and strive to support the staff and volunteer leaders. Each year the LT will develop a recommended annual budget and present this to the congregation for approval. The LT oversees the financial life of the church.

For general LT email send to LT@cascadecov.com

Sam Burch - Chairman - email
My wife, Megan, and I have been a part of Cascade Covenant Church since 2004, when we first moved to North Bend. I have a son, Noah, and daughter, Anna, who are growing up as part of the larger church family.

When I am not spending time with my family, sking, hiking, camping, or connecting with friends, I work as an engineering consultant for a transportation design firm. In the darker winter months, I can be found cheering on my alma mater, Gonzaga. I am also in the process of completing my dissertation as part of a Phd in Leadership.

I am honored to be part of the leadership team. One of my earliest memories of CCC is of former pastor, John Jenks, following me out the front door of the church to introduce himself and welcome me. I want to contribute to continuing the welcoming culture that is essential to our church.

Carolyn Englund - Vice Chair - email
Carolyn & her husband, George, have lived in Fall City and attended CCC since 2001. They have two young adult daughters, Danae & Kaja. She is also stepmom to George's three adult children and has five grandchildren.

She tutors part-time, attends Bible Study Fellowship, and enjoys watching movies, sewing, playing the piano, and reading.

Carolyn feels blessed to be serving on the leadership team as well as co-leading Children's Check-In with George.

Rod Ehrlich - Financial Officer - email
Rod and his wife Julie have been attending Cascade Covenant for about 8 years. They have two trouble-makers, er teenagers - Jake and Maddie. They enjoy walking, hiking, skiing and one can easily run into Rod on the local golf courses.

Jeff Rovegno - email
My family and I have been attending CCC since moving back to the Northwest in 2008. I have a wife of 20 years (Cindy) who I met in college (Go Cougs) and two teenage boys (Jake & Max). When I am not working at Microsoft my favorite things to do are spending time with family, working on projects around the house, and just relaxing enjoying the beautiful area we live in. I have primarily served in children’s ministry but also enjoy mentoring opportunities at the Echo Glen Juvenile Detention Center.

I Feel honored to serve on the Leadership team and look forward to opportunities for growth and progress ahead.

Leanie Grobler - email
Born and raised in South Africa in a city called Gauteng or more commonly known as Johannesburg.

My family and I moved to Seattle in 2014, where we found our Christian Family Home here at CCC. I have been blessed with an amazing husband (Louw) and have been married for 12 years. Furthermore, I have been blessed with 2 amazing children (Lisa-9 and Liam-6) Did you notice, all our names start with a “L”

Before coming to the US, I was a full time working mom. But my dreams became a reality when we moved to the US and I was blessed by being a stay at home mommy (the biggest dream come true for me)

When the kids are at school I keep myself busy with lots of volunteer work. I serve in various ministries here at CCC. Children’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Sister Care, Caring Cooks.

I enjoy spending time with my family, skype sessions with family back in SA, Cooking and baking,,,,lots and lots of cooking and baking, and sun. If the sun is out, you’ll find me outside.

I am So blessed and humbled, to be part of such an amazing Leadership team. I cannot wait to see what God has planned for us.

Marla Eichler - email
My family and I have been attending CCC since 2004 when we moved to the PNW. My husband, Evan, and I have been married for 27 yrs and we have 4 children. The oldest 3 have moved out on their own and our youngest, Jacob, attends TFMS. When I am not working as a Pre K teacher assistant you will find me outside either taking photographs of nature or climbing up a mountain – most likely both! I love to go on adventures with Evan, my family and my friends.

During my time at CCC, I have been a Bible study leader for Women's Ministry, spent many years as a teacher in Pre K classes, attend small group, and have been the Facilities leader. I am looking forward to my new role as a member of the Leadership Team.

Chad Devore - email
Hello I am Chad Devore and I have been attending Cascade Covenant for about 17 years.  I grew up in Southern California and moved to Washington in 1994 to attend Trinity Lutheran College/LBI. I fell in love with the PNW and enjoy camping, mountain biking, snow/water skiing, fishing, and mechanics.  At college, I met this highly attractive gal and convinced her to marry me in 1997.  Kerry introduced me to her home state of Minnesota including their mosquitoes and deep freeze winters---- It reaffirmed my belief that God did not design us to live anywhere east of the Rockies. So we opted to put down our roots in the little town where we spent so much of our free time during those college years.  We purchased an old hunting cabin down in the Edgewick area where we still live with our three daughters (Kylie 16, Katie 14, and Taylor 12) and our border collie Qunci.  God’s interaction and unfailing love with his people never ceases to amaze me.    I have watched CCC seek out and embrace the folks that don’t seem to have everything figured out but who are willing to be genuine and true.  For me, it is in this rawness of life where Jesus’ mercy engages, encourages, and sustains me.

Latreash Duvall - email
I grew up in Arizona and moved to Washington at the beginning of Middle School.  I attended high school in Federal Way, Wa.  Met my husband there, married in 94' and after moving around for education and career, we ended up back in Washington, and eventually North Bend.  We have been in North Bend since 2001.  We started attending Cascade Covenant Church soon after we arrived.  The plan was to "shop" the different churches, but after attending our first Sunday at CCC, we knew this was our perfect church home.  My husband (Brian) and I, and our 3 children (Ethan, Lauren and Luke) have been attending CCC for 17 years.

I've served many years in children's ministry (both children's and middle school) and now look forward to serving in a different capacity on the Leadership Team.